Airline theme clubbing scene [19pics]

In the recent news in Singapore, a man from India molested a flight attendant and got charged in Singapore court.  The man hold her right hand and stroke her face from forehead to chin and told her, “You are so beautiful”, before cupping her face, according to the victim's testimony.

He also put his hand on her right thigh with force. After the victim turn around and left, she felt the man touch her buttocks.

Flight attendants sometimes can be quite attractive, but we still need to behave ourselves.

This weekend, get ready for this hottest party. You are like to see girls wearing airline theme uniform, this is the party for you. 

In this gallery, I will show you some of the scene at this airline theme party. Let's your imagination go wild. These Asian girls have nice thighs, deep cleavage and cute face. Enjoy!