Purple is the sexiest sex toy colour. Office girls wearing purple tops [8pics]

What is this gallery about: 

A recent customer survey sex shop Babeland conducted suggests purple is the sexiest sex toy color. It kinda makes sense, though, because purple is also the sexiest color in general.

Purple also rarely occurs in nature, making it inherently exotic. What we can't easily have is always desirable, right? This could be why the color is also frequently associated with royalty. And while sex is in many ways available to everyone, depending on your socioeconomic status, the freedom to explore sex without potentially life-altering consequences is something often reserved for the elite few, unfortunately. 

Which is perhaps why sex toys, which though expensive are risk-free when it comes to diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and emotional attachments, are most popular in purple

In this gallery, I have compiled office girls wearing purple colour office wear. They look so cute and sexy. Enjoy!