Exhibition sexy models: A compilation of car models [9pics]

In this gallery, I have compiled 9 photos of Asian models at the exhibition for cars. These models are wearing very sexy outfits. They are posing together with sporty and trendy cars. Enjoy the cars and babes! 


1) Model at Stance Garage Taiwan. She is wearing this tight dress showing her sexy legs. 

2) Ford car show at TaiMall Shopping center (台茂) in Taiwan. Very sexy model posing with the car.  

3) Another model posing with Ford car at TaiMall Shopping Center. Very sexy and pretty model. 

4) Car exhition at Nanfang World Trade Exhibition Center (南紡世貿展覽中心) This model is either too tall or the dress is too short. She has a nice sexy legs. 

5) Model at TaiMall shopping center posing with mini cooper. She is wearing a white short dress which make her look so sexy. 

6) Model for Sai Racing booth. Nice short skirt there showing her sexy legs. 

7) Honda motor show girl at the Kaohsiung World New Car Exhibition (高雄世界新車大展)

8) If you like car at the exhibition, how about the models at the car exhibition? Like this kind of models displaying together with the cars? 

9) Model at Tokyo Auto salon. This model has a nice figure. When she wears this tight dress, you can see her cleavage and sexy legs.