Kawaii School uniform series 9 set of photos featuring short skirt [26pics]

What is this gallery about: 

In this gallery, there are 9 set of photos featuring school girls. These girls are young and sexy. Their skirt are so short that when they sit down, their thighs are revealed. Enjoy their tender sexy legs. 


Set 1: Cute School girl studying English language in classroom  

Set 2: Cute girl wearing a very short skirt showing off her sexy legs. 


Set 3: Cute girl with round big eyes 

Set 4: Pretty babe in the classroom revealing her waist 

Set 5: Pretty girl wearing a short skirt showing her long legs 

Set 6: Pretty babe wearing a pink skirt showing off her long sexy legs 

Set 7: Kawaii Jap school girl wearing a short skirt 

Set 8: Horny school girl in doggy position showing her white panties

Set 9: School girl lying on the sofa slowly remove her revealing her panties bra